It’s no secret that the martech and adtech industries are becoming extremely complex to grasp. In an ever-changing ecosystem, marketers and advertisers are still trying to catch up with the latest advances in platforms and new technologies. With so many different elements at play, integration through communication media, technology and collection tools are even more essential to create people-based campaigns.

The assembly of the pieces of the puzzle that are the data

Marketers must group together the pieces of the puzzle that form the data, in order to reach their main consumers. Identity resolution connects all of this data to a level that is understandable to humans, allowing marketers to better understand their target consumers.

To begin the process of resolving customer data into unique identifiers, marketers must first determine what sources of information and platforms they want to connect. For some marketers, a single tool, such as a cloud marketing service, can be a complete solution, while a best-of-breed approach allows you to choose the tools that work best for you. There are many factors to consider in deciding which approach to take depending on your needs and circumstances.

Neutral players

If they adopt a best-of-breed approach, marketers need an identity resolution partner that is a neutral actor that ensures there is no conflict of interest, allows for stronger omni-channel partnerships, and improved integrations. Finding a neutral and trusted partner will allow your organization to cover more land safely and securely, connecting all the elements for your marketing campaign within the martech and adtech ecosystem.

An Omni channel experience

Identity resolution is built from a people-based identity graph, allowing marketers to reach their target audience with their omni-channel advertising campaigns. Understanding consumer behavior, both offline and online, and through different devices and channels while respecting their confidentiality, allows marketers to better target them to achieve higher conversion rates and better efficiency. ROI and ROAS can be obtained much faster. Marketers can also integrate 2nd and 3rd party data to supplement their own 1st party data to better understand their customers.

Choosing your identity resolution partner is the first fundamental step toward achieving a people-based Omni channel marketing.

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