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Do you like new technologies?

Yes, I like technology. I guess I’m not surprised. And if you read theselines, it is undoubtedly that you are in the same case. Have you ever wondered what fascinates you about her? I asked myself thisquestion recently. Here are some loose items, without more pretension that my swollen head cannot stand. As usual, do […]

Success depends on the plan

Ensuring that each project is successful depends primarily on its planning.Have you ever found yourself working on a project before you even had the timeto think about it and plan it correctly? Project management involves a thoroughunderstanding of the project, its needs, and its purpose before any development. Within a company, any action can relate […]

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing covers all marketing activities deployedonline to connect with customers or prospects. Businesses use digital channels such as Google searches, social networks,e-mails and websites to connect with their customers or prospects. Consumers now spend twice as much time online as 10 years ago. Consumptionpatterns have really changed, and offline marketing has become less effective. […]

5 Mistakes Made on Social Networks by Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, being on social media is a must for small and medium businesses. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the perfect digital spaces to introduce your product and create a community around your brand. Unlike your personal social media accounts, there are best practices that your business should follow in order to get the […]

Zero-Party Data: What is it?

In its last report, Forrester announced that the zero-party data would weigh even more heavily with the restrictions of Safari and Chrome, the search engines most used daily. Third-party, second-party, first-party … and now zero-party, but what are we talking about exactly? Let’s take stock of a quality and voluntary data client that is becoming […]

Identity Resolution and the evolution of the ecosystem

It’s no secret that the martech and adtech industries are becoming extremely complex to grasp. In an ever-changing ecosystem, marketers and advertisers are still trying to catch up with the latest advances in platforms and new technologies. With so many different elements at play, integration through communication media, technology and collection tools are even more […]