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About us

Ammazan Network Digital Marketing agency is an independent and professional service provider in the local market of Bangladesh and worldwide. We have a lot of experienced marketers in this sector. We have some professional marketers. Who can lead in the Digital Marketing sector in the local and global markets worldwide. They are so profession marketers. From 5 years and till now we continue to provide our service. We specialized in new-media/digital media located in Bangladesh and worldwide. Serving from 2015 in a goal to brand, launch new products with the out-innovate market. Digital Marketing is one of the best services for our agency. We will provide our valuable client with much-needed service. Which one best for their branding and identity. That’s can help your branding increase the next level from the first level. It’s the key to a company. We something better for your company to apply our secure action for success. We are different from other for our some of the expert marketer and different kind of technical issue. They every time cross their limit for solving different kinds of problems. So, the client loves us and most of the clients are referring us. Above all this kind of service, we provide you. Like as Advertising, Marketing our main service.


Advertising is one of the important issues for your company. If you properly advertising your company. It helps you to increase your business properly. Smart advertising reaches your business door to door. It carries also branding of the company. As an award-winning agency, we are consistently challenging ourselves for the betterment of our clients. With over 25 years of experience, we have crafted a strategic discovery process that enables us to peel back the layers which enable us to understand, connect, represent and dominate your market. We are your authentic brand partner. Through strategy, design, and planning we build brand identities that connect with your Public. We then fine-tune a marketing plan that allows us to laser focus and targets your audience through the right channels. More than just an ad agency, we harness the tools of traditional and digital.


Digital marketing is like the old type of common ad marketing. Because of the online social networking platform on advertisements that create. Whether or not you own a big multinational company or a little business, I suggest that you simply have a Facebook fan page for your marketing. If you don’t have it already, I tell you to urget you need one to do success for your business. Why a Facebook fan page, nowadays most of the businesses depend on social presence and websites. I suggest you build up your business. You wish ahead of your business and stay this smart business race. You will need to escape your former marketing idea. Now you should make a decision immediately. What do you want? If you want proper marketing I think I will best suggest for you. Because we have an expert team. Whose person experienced in 5 years. They marketing in the local area of Bangladesh and global worldwide. Every day they solve a different kind of problem. I think we will be the best to help you with this matter.

Who we are….

Ammazan Network born in 2015 is none but a helping hand of you having very skilled, efficient and learned man power. It trends to meet your demands depicted by you in no time. Our small but highly trained team is dedicated to ensure real services at reasonable cost to relax your immense load of works.

What we do…

Our aim is to conquer every aspect of works related to your daily needs. Now, we have confined some areas to provide services according to Local and International demands.

How we do it….

We do everything for money based on contact. We have strong network and self man power to execute your demanded works effortlessly.

Our philosophy…

We desire a peaceful, happy and unhazzadous daily lives for all. Trustworthiness is the solo asset of our network what we have uphold strongly for you.

Our Team Member

Khaled Abrar

Khaled Abrar

CEO & Founder
Ariful Islam

Ariful Islam

Web designer & developer
Repon Hossain

Repon Hossain

Android & Web developer
Sayeed Fahim

Sayeed Fahim

Content Writer
Naznin Rozoni

Naznin Rozoni

Social Media Manager
Khushi Hossain

Khushi Hossain

SEO Backlink Expert
Munny Prity

Munny Prity

Lead Generation Expert
Eliza Rose

Eliza Rose

Social Media Marketer
1 Founder

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The future is bright.

“Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfillment, success and inner peace, start thinking you have the power to achieve those things. Focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results.”

Our Skills…

skill is powerful tools of human. Skilled people are never break down for their life leading. If they lost their job by any reason, they are never feel upset because they have the tools to get a better job. Skill is power of knowledge and knowledge is power of everything.
So, we have skilled people in our company and they can help people by their better skill. We are so honored to present ammazan as a multi-skilled service provider. In the following, I have noted down some of our skills-

  • Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Database Management, Data Entry, Admin Support, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Advertising, Web Research,WordPress and many more…..
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search & Display Marketing
PPC Capmaign Management
Web Development

What others say about us…

There are so many marketing companies that claim they know how to brand a Doctor, help them get patients, expert witness work etc etc Ammazan Network does it! They built an online strategy to brand my self as well as my clinic separately online, increased my rankings and performed. If you are looking for a company to help grow your medical or health care practice, or help bring you more IME’s Expert witness work etc, you have found the best.

Dr. Soozan AbouhassanAddiction MedicineHealth News

We have been trying for ages to increase our online reputation but was not get enough response. So we left our previous online branding agency and contacted Ammazan Network. They did some amazing stuff to my website, search engine ranking and social medias, I started getting lots of lead from my website!

Thank you Ammazan Network

Maxi MilliPublic RelationsDoom Inc

“Throughout every step of the process – from initial brainstorming to SEO assistance with the final product – Ammazan Network has met & exceeded our expectations. Ammazan is an asset to the innovation ecosystem we are working to build here in Canada.”

Malika JaysonMarketing ManagerParty Pix

A website must do two things, attract a visitor and compel that visitor to take action. Those success factors are measured in two numbers: traffic and conversion rates. You people really did it, so thank you very much.

Eden AngelCo-FounderBuzzy Branding